Saturday October 1st – 4.00 pm

Beyond the human, beyond the end of history

A Multidisciplinary talk for the construction of a new materialistic thought. We live in an era of transition. It is time to go beyond the repetitive interpretations of reality to face the challenges of the future, to overcome dualisms
and comforting differences, to act in the time of the hybrid.

We talk about it with:

Marcello Spagnulo

Aeronautical engineer, he was manager of companies and government agencies in Italy and abroad, today scientific advisor of LIMES, author of popular and non-fiction books, and of numerous articles on space and aerospace policy

Porpora Marcasciano

Activist who doesn’t like definitions. She is currently a municipal councilor with the Coalizione Civica per Bologna

Christian Marazzi

Economist and teacher at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Italian-speaking Switzerland. His lectio magistralis on the language of work is of recent pubblication

Vilma Mazza

YaBasta Caminantes Association, journalist and science fiction enthusiast

Gianfranco Bettin

Researcher, essayist and writer. Political activist and environmentalist


Nomadic and independent company, in constant movement between countries, historical moments and disciplines

Sunday October 2nd – 10.00 am

Beyond war and peace, for transformation

“Matriotism” for a Euro-Mediterranean democratic confederalism, alternative sovereignty, constituent conflicts in Europe. Europe is our “motherland” already beyond the nation-state in which we see a possible space for revolution. What
interests us is the construction of an expressly ecological and feminist Euro-Mediterranean alternative sovereignty and how this can become a strong perspective on all shores of the Mediterranean.

They will be with us, among others:

Anastasiya Ryabchuk

Associate professor at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Ukraine), member of Spilne / Commons: journal of social critique ( editorial board. She is currently a refugee in Paris with her 7-year-old
daughter, where she is a PAUSE risk researcher at INALCO

Kateryna Semchuk

Journalist from Ukraine, working at the moment on subjects of Russian invasion of Ukraine, social issues in Ukraine. She is involved in the queer feminist movement

Albert – Internationalist Youth Commune

Davide Grasso

Researcher, lecturer at the International University College of Turin

Lanfranco Caminiti

Sicilian, journalist, essayist, storyteller, in short, a writer. He lived in the street demonastrations in the second half of Nineteenth century. Now he lives in seclusion and goes to bed early

Nour Khalil

Egyptian political activist, human rights lawyer, researcher specializing in immigration and asylum policies, Executive Director of Refugees Platform in Egypt (RPE)

Sunday October 2nd – 3.00 pm

Batti il tuo tempo”

within the territories of the present

Assembly to stay focused on our times. One week after the Italian elections, how are we doing in the mobilizations and social upheavals of the coming months?